Soi Commitments

I remember it was the mid afternoon. I remember riding in a van with Chinaski. We didn't know each other well, and against the fog of a massive hangover, I looked at him and he seemed beside himself. He seemed off. He seemed out of place. We hadn’t done anything shameful. Our weekend was just … Continue reading Soi Commitments


Dj Dr. Yai

Thai camp is not all that different than camps back home. Of course, they aren't calling it “Thai camp” here. I said that just now in a flimsy way. You know. As a means to describe what I call the Thai version of “Ali-gadi”. I think naming your stuff after your nationality is a pretty German … Continue reading Dj Dr. Yai

The Ko Chang Stop

Though he won’t say it, Ttam’s been begging me to do a post on him. I’ll admit, being one of my best friends, he’s been introduced on here in fragments. In reality, Ttam is in his own way a fragment. A walking talking contradicting mystery. How could we already put so few pieces of him … Continue reading The Ko Chang Stop


The Polish Fight

Its getting harder and harder to remember what happened exactly. One- because Thai Whisky, as it is consumed in small groups, is consumed by the bottle. And Two- because by the end of it, I’m 35% sure I was swearing in Russian. I want to start at the beginning, but I’m afraid it might sound … Continue reading The Polish Fight



Leky was a hustler when she first arrived. It was no secret that SHE was the case with everything. A symptom of something unholy. A symptom of a disease that inhabited her body at 18. A symptom of poor society. Whatever the case, your problems were her problems, and also, more importantly, her problems were … Continue reading Leky


Thai Guy

AD is the whitest guy I know. It’s weird to say, given that we stand on the same side of the fence. And to make a point, I’m not exactly chucking things across the yard at him. Instead, think of it as me hurling a tall white guy into a crowd of lightly colored brown … Continue reading Thai Guy


Keep your Book

When I met you, you weren't my friend. There is a name for a person who takes everything from you, but I cant recall what it is. I want to say she was a thief, but that never quiet clutched it. How can you steal something that cant be held? My utter inability to sum … Continue reading Keep your Book