A Month of Mercy; a scene from a dream I use to have.

I wanted to go all out on it. She was coming for a month and I knew somewhere inside myself, that this was our last together. Complaining about how shitty life can be sometimes, I should also respect the fact that it’s always been courteous enough to inform me when the train is on it’s … Continue reading A Month of Mercy; a scene from a dream I use to have.


Ex-girlfriend’s Texts

This one’s gonna be short; not unlike the breadth in a text from those lost ladies of love. Was it last week? Fuck. I can’t remember. They send one every now and then. It’s not that I’m apathetic. I love every one, every girl; those “shes” of rewritten history. It’s not that I’m unenthused either. … Continue reading Ex-girlfriend’s Texts

Asshole & Asshole

So I was tromping up the stairs last night to the third floor bedroom where I'd been staying at my mothers in Portsmouth for the weekend. To be clear, Alex and I are not lovers. Not that there would be anything wrong with that. It’s just, people mistake us sometimes for a married couple. I … Continue reading Asshole & Asshole