A Month of Mercy; a scene from a dream I use to have.

I wanted to go all out on it. She was coming for a month and I knew somewhere inside myself, that this was our last together. Complaining about how shitty life can be sometimes, I should also respect the fact that it’s always been courteous enough to inform me when the train is on it’s … Continue reading A Month of Mercy; a scene from a dream I use to have.


Ex-girlfriend’s Texts

This one’s gonna be short; not unlike the breadth in a text from those lost ladies of love. Was it last week? Fuck. I can’t remember. They send one every now and then. It’s not that I’m apathetic. I love every one, every girl; those “shes” of rewritten history. It’s not that I’m unenthused either. … Continue reading Ex-girlfriend’s Texts

Asshole & Asshole

So I was tromping up the stairs last night to the third floor bedroom where I'd been staying at my mothers in Portsmouth for the weekend. To be clear, Alex and I are not lovers. Not that there would be anything wrong with that. It’s just, people mistake us sometimes for a married couple. I … Continue reading Asshole & Asshole


Who said Marx was dead?

Wait…Marx…who’s Marx? I'm literally frowning at the thought of you asking this question, yet still, there are those of us who know too little of this man. He is, in a way, the specter haunting the basement of your intellect, and whether you realize it or not, he's influenced you more in your life then your … Continue reading Who said Marx was dead?