Those who do not Judge

Really don’t know shit

about judgement.

Have fooled themselves

into the purgatory of ignorance

“Enlightenment!” They cry,

but do not cry


but have not lost.


Dear Lord,



of all Gods,

Allah of Nazareth,

Protect us with the strength of your apathy


Teach me a song that does not carry

that will not father

a note in time


Teach me how to lay

the miracles of my life

under the bedrock of indifference

to unlearn

what you have taught me to learn

in this solstice of appearances


Those who do not judge

only orbit the ego

of a tumbling head

in the boundless universe

of ants


Those who do not judge

only know love

in spite of

and so

only know love as a reflection

off the puddle

of another’s iris


Your love was brown and murky

a shallow water

against the ocean

of my blues

and so


Fuck you.


Fuck indifference

Fuck your deities

that mis-honored tolerance

fuck your apathetic appetite,

to know and un-know are un-different

and I’d rather sink in my ocean

then drown in the dust of your shadows.


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