Factions of Remind

Factions of Remind

Subtle taste of wine,

cheerless teenage girls,


falling into holes around the brain,

birds shot, spattered, conceptualized

then connected via brainstorm bubbles,


Trains rolling in violent men,

driving toward church,

then home,

drawing in the feel

of locomotion leaving the gut.


Serious moment,

job interviews,

telegrams via route systems in the nervous system,

root words,

feels like hard wire,

but not a task.


Screaming loud about god,

points of view,


headlights on my neck,

tail lights in my eyes.


Proud fathers

wasted on 100’s of details,

wasted on good bourbon,



Showmanship as Cognitive Functioning Ants v.s. Clumsy Giants,

movie idea,

infamous people,

brand names,

reasons to smell better,

favorite quotes, my little brother,

“In your face, chaos.”


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