Thoughts on a Darwinist

I was at the gym when I read that whales had once been four legged beings,                  that before they overburdened                                                                                                      the great sea,

they lived on land as an intelligently superior race.

Later that night,

my overweight roommate                                                                                                             was home from church                                                                                                                    re-preaching a sermon on                                                                                                              the seven deadly sins.

“They are the catholic foundation for the individuals intellectual and spiritual culmination.”

She says this to me VERY slowly and VERY carefully.

I think to myself:

as a Darwinist, how could anyone compete in the same arena as a virtue ethicist? No scratch that, as a materialist, how ANY theory on morality could justify the internal constructs of metaphysical mannerisms?

So I say to her 

“Bitch please, the fact that people abstain evolutionary detours, such as greed, envy and gluttony, only further proves that religious consciousness is preordained by man’s inclination to survive.”

I know my premise is flawed. And as I leave the kitchen smiling, I can hear the slow and careful sound                                                                                                                                of her ice cream bowl 

lowering to the counter.


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